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Every Kennedy trailer is designed, drafted, fabricated, painted and hand delivered by our team in Bairnsdale, Victoria and backed worldwide. We accommodate your toughest payloads and understand the value of performance and reliability.


Australia's most trusted name in logging trailers. Incorporating generations of expertise with modern concepts. A Kennedy logging trailer is built to the highest standard and functionality with no compromise. Using only high quality materials to achieve strong yet lightweight trailers.

Heavy Haul

Advanced engineering, efficient build times and a quality above all others, a Kennedy trailer is the answer to your heavy haulage solutions. Whether it be specialized heavy haul, heavy haul, ultra heavy haul or support equipment to complement your haul we have the versatility to deliver.

Moving earth, carting dirt, shifting minerals? Whatever you're hauling, a custom made Kennedy trailer will offer you the greatest payload advantage. Custom made to suit your application, engineered to last.

Each of the trailers in this range come with a guarantee of durability. Using detailed calculations, we ensure that your trailer will work to the greatest efficiency. Keeping an unmatched standard in expert manufacturing means your trailer is built by the best.


Kennedy Trailers are focusing on being Custom Built to assist in any transport requirement. Our in-house drafting team are here to help you build the trailer you need to suit your conditions and specifications to ensure you get the best efficiency and payload for your job. Having our manufacturing process inhouse from design through to driving out the gate is our secret recipe to success. This is because the customer can specify what they need to cart and the requirements they are faced with. Our engineering team can then design to those specifications as well as having hands on access to make sure the end product is what the customer wanted throughout the whole manufacturing process.


Heavy haulage engineering at it's best comes from a Kennedy Trailer modular platform. Built to the highest specifications to carry the heaviest of loads under pressure with precision.

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