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kennedy moves west

 07 July 2022


Kennedy Trailers have announced Kindred Equipment, Sales & Hire as our official Western Australian dealer. This dealership has been formed to bring continued trust in the Kennedy Trailers brand to Western Australia with an on-the-ground team. 

Comprising sales, warranty, repairs and support for the entire range of Kennedy Trailers’ products, Kindred Equipment, Sales & Hire is Kennedy Trailers Western Australian based depot. 

Cory Kennedy, CEO of Kennedy Trailers has said “Adding a Western Australian dealer has always been on our radar and to paid with Kindred Equipment, Sales & Hire is a big step forward to being more competitive, trusted and admired in the west. We have always had trailers on the ground in WA, but not being based here has always cast a shadow on our commitment and compromised our competitiveness. Having Kindred onboard cements our commitment and endorses confidence for our Western Australian customers.”

Jamie Lodge, Managing Director of Kindred Equipment, Sales & Hire commented “We are thrilled to partner with Kennedy Trailers. Bringing Kennedy Trailers on-board will enhance us with their custom made trailers which are designed with advanced engineering, efficient build times and quality above. Let this new chapter begin.”

Western Australian transport operators and drivers have been looking for increased transport solutions, and Kennedy trailers together with Kindred are more than happy to answer the call. 

The benefits of this dealership will see Western Australian based sales, after-sales support, warranty and service of Kennedy Trailers products, A much greater reach with better support networks and the ability to reinforce local relationships.



Cory Kennedy & Jamie Lodge shake on the new dealership agreement

renewable energy

Kennedy Trailers understand the importance of supporting renewable energy in Australia. 

With a lifetime of semi-trailer manufacturing under our belt, a move into heavy haulage was seamless.

With an expert team of in-house engineers, the design, fabrication and execution of the first  multi row platform was flawless. 

A 200 tonne wind tower turbine was placed on the first Kennedy Trailer heavy haulage range, KT did not stop there!

Conquoring the most complex of designs, bringing the impossible to life. 





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