L-Series Log Trailers

L Series is our Log Trailer range in all variations made to your specifications.

Log Trailer Range Options

  • LF- Folding Skel Log Trailer – Folding Skel
  • LR – Rigid Skel Log Trailer
  • LJ – Triaxle Folding Jinker Log Trailer

Standard Features

  • High Tensile Frame
  • Onboard Scales
  • ADR Approved Brake Kit
  • Alloy Rims with 11R 22.5 Tyres
  • Auto Loadbinders
  • Fabricated Bolsters with Stakes & Pockets
  • Plastic or Stretch Guards
  • LED Lighting System
  • Wind Down Landing Legs
  • Spare Wheel Carrier
  • Rear Lightbar fitted with LED Indicators (4off), Stop/Tail (4off), reversing Lights
  • (2off) Grit Blasted and Painted to your Company Colours
  • Rear Signage (Marker Plate, Do Not O/Take)
  • ADR Compliant Reflectors
  • Australian Signage & Markings with ADR Compliance

Spec Level

  • Triaxle,Tandem & Tandem Mini B
  • Custom- Anything outside the above specs


Folding Type

  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanical

Suspension Type

  • Airbag Suspension York – TecAir 1 Double Leaf with York Road Baron Drum Brake Axles
  • Airbag Suspension BPW – Airlite 2 Single Lef with BPW Drum Brake Axles

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