Custom Trailer Solutions


Kennedy Trailers are focusing on being Custom Built to assist in any transport requirement.

Our in-house drafting team are here to help you build the trailer you need to suit your conditions and specifications to ensure you get the best efficiency and payload for your job.

Having our manufacturing process inhouse from design through to driving out the gate is our secret recipe to success. This is because the customer can specify what they need to cart and the requirements they are faced with. Our engineering team can then design to those specifications as well as having hands on access to make sure the end product is what the customer wanted throughout the whole manufacturing process.

This trailer was custom designed for Branstrans to cart rolls of conveyor belt rubber. The Dolly was specifically made to have the same lifting points so that once unloaded at the mine, the equipment used to unload the rubber could load the dolly onto to the float to make the empty trip more efficient. The float was designed with extra hand rails and safety features to suit the requirements to the OH&S stated by the mine.


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